Recreational Diving Medical

Price:  £120

Recreational Diving Medical

Price: £115

There are two types of medicals that fall into this category - Recreational Fit to Dive Medical and Recreational Fit to Dive Medical AS4005.1 (If you are diving in Australia).

Who needs this medical?

If you are new to recreational diving or a seasoned veteran, if you have an answer "Yes" on the recreational diving medical form, if you have a medical condition that could affect your diving and you are unsure about, or you need diving medical insurance for a trip abroad, this is the type of medical that you need. Certain favourite diving destinations, like Malta, Gozo, Spain, and others require an annual diving medical by law. All major recreational diving agencies in the UK: BSAC, PADI, SSI, SAA, TDI, etc. are covered by the standard Fit to Dive Medical. If you are planning though a trip to Australia, you may need the Recreational Fit to Dive AS4005.1 Certificate. There is a separate medical form you need to fill, that you can find and download from our Downloads section.

What is involved in the assessment?

This medical can take up to 45 minutes and includes full medical examination. It involves checking your medical history, taking measurements of height, weight, BMI, ear examination, blood pressure, heart rate, ECG (if clinically indicated), spirometry and O₂ saturation, physical exercise test (Chester step test), and general physical examination. If you are doing the Australian AS45005.1 certification, a hearing test comes as an addition to the above-mentioned tests. You can speed up the process if you fill in the Recreation Diving Medical Declaration form prior to your appointment. All relevant forms (according to your certifying diving agency) can be found in the Downloads section.

What do I need to bring with me?

If you have a medical condition(s) for which you have already seen other consultant or specialist, it will help if you bring any relevant medical notes at your appointment. If you suffer from diabetes, asthma, depression or have mental health issues, there is some preliminary work that needs to be completed beforehand. If you have diabetes or depression, there are specific medical forms that need to be completed and signed by the appropriate clinician before your appointment. You can download the relevant forms from the Downloads section. 

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