Compressed Air Work Medical

   Compressed Air Work Medical

Who needs this medical

The objective of the medical examinations for compressed air workers is to ensure as far as it is possible that the worker is fit to enter and work in compressed air. The opportunity can be taken to ensure that any worker exposed to compressed air has been made aware of the risks of decompression illness.

The risks of working in compressed air include decompression illness (including cochlear and vestibular dysfunction), dysbaric osteonecrosis and barotrauma to the ears and sinuses. This list is not exhaustive.

All people working in compressed air also need to be generally fit for construction site and tunnel work.

What does the examination involve?

The first examination for a person about to start work in compressed air on any contract, and the annual full examination include a health questionnaire, full clinical examination, spirometry, and pure tone audiometry for all workers. Where work is to take place at 1.0 bar or higher, additionally to the above mentioned is added chest radiography, haematological examination of blood, and exercise tolerance test.

Medical examinations need generally to be arranged well in advance of the start of work, and employers should not assume that any individual, particularly on the professional side, will be found fit for this type of work.

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